Heliocentris Hydrogen Generator : nodig om tanks te vullen van FUELCELL TRAINER

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De waterstofgeneratoren van de HG-serie (HG 24 | 198) maken de productie van zeer zuivere waterstof (99,9999 % vol) mogelijk voor laboratorium- en onderzoeksdoeleinden. Ze zijn ideaal voor zowel directe bediening van brandstofcelsystemen als voor het vullen van lagedruk metaalhydridebussen. 


HG Series Flyer HAI
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The hydrogen generators of the HG series (HG 24 | 198) enable the production of high-purity hydrogen (99.9999 % vol) for laboratory and research use. They are ideal both for direct operation of fuel cell systems and for filling low-pressure metal hydride canisters.

  • Hydrogen production: 24 | 198 sl/h
  • Power consumption: 450 | 560 VA
  • Hydrogen purity: 6.0 (99.9999 % vol.)
  • Hydrogen pressure: 0.1…16 bar (1…232 psi)
  • Size: Standard 19” Rack 4U – deep 40cm
  • Weight (unfilled): 22 | 25 kg
  • Customer Software (optional)

High Hydrogen Purity
The hydrogen generators of the HG series are designed for continuous operation. PEM technology, in combination with an innovative gas dehydration system, achieves a hydrogen purity of 6.0 (99.9999 % vol.) – with no maintenance whatsoever.

Convenient and Versatile to Use
The operating controls on the unit are user-friendly and intuitive. It can be connected to a PC via the optional RS232 interface. Due to the optimum technical configuration, the units are suitable both for trouble-free filling of low-pressure metal hydride canisters and for the direct supply of fuel cell systems.

High Operational Reliability
No hydrogen is stored in the unit. An intelligent regulator ensures that only the quantity of hydrogen is generated that is currently needed. An integrated leak monitor stops the generation of hydrogen immediately in case of a leak.

Flexible Expandability
The hydrogen capacity can be expanded by connecting up to 10 modular units. One unit is used to conveniently control the others, based on the master-slave principle.